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Best Bike Trailers for Kids of 2020

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Due to the design features a bike has a rather limited functional range. There is no interior, the trunk does not hold much, and the load capacity is low. At the same time, even with a small load, the controllability of the bike suffers significantly. The rear wheel take on most of the weight. The center of gravity is high and the stability of the corners is reduced.

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One way to solve the problem is to use a device such as a bike trailer. Thanks to it, the cyclist is able to unload his bike and act only as a tractor.

For comfortable and trouble-free transportation engineers have invented a variety of bicycle trailers. You may choose among many models depends on:

  • functional orientation,
  • maximum load,
  • degree of “sophistication”

and other factors.

Bike Trailer for Children

The basic trailer components are:

  • a frame with a seat or a cargo platform,
  • one or two wheels,
  • bike fastening.

Bicycle trailers for children are the most popular among cyclists. Instead of sitting in a seat on the frame or on the trunk, the child has a separate “carriage” with all the amenities.

Bike Trailer for Child - PickyNanny

Children’s bicycle trailers can be single or double-seat. A child travels in a bicycle trailer with a number of advantages. Obviously it’s more convenient to travel in own trailer. Moreover it is much safer for a toddler to ride in a trailer than in a bicycle seat.

Seats are equipped with seat belts, so in case a parent falls, the child will not suffer. Smart design of the trailer with hinges will not allow the trailer to overturn.

Bike Trailer for Babies

As for comfort – cycle trailers are equipped with a suspension system, which is designed to soften the unevenness of the road. In addition to the seat usually in the trailer there is a luggage compartment and a lot of pockets.
There are special waterproof covers that protect passengers from rain, and nets that protect small travelers from dust and annoying insects. Ventilation is organized at a high level, with no draughts.

Expensive models of bicycle trailers for children are very versatile. Thanks to the use of additional wheels, they can be converted from a bike trailer into a complete stroller. The procedure takes a couple of minutes.

Bike Trailer for Kids Overview

Trailers for children are designed for children from 1 to 6 years. Using additional supporting accessories for small children, it is possible to ride the trailer for children from 6 months after the child starts to sit down. The height will be comfortable for children up to 50″.


The biking trailer is connected to the rear wheel axle by means of a universal mounting equipped with a quick-release eccentric pin and a safety sling, which provides additional safety to the coupling.

Bike Trailer for Baby on the Road - PickyNanny

As an option, you can use a Runabout Tandem – a variation of the child’s trailer. The essence is that the child rides a full-fledged bicycle, which has even transmissions (up to six steps). A child will not go anywhere from the parent, as the runabout is towed on a rigid coupling.

Besides, the kid participates in the process of movement in the most direct way. However, you will not go far away this way, because all children get tired quickly.

Bicyle Trailer for Children

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