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Best Baby Walker of 2019 Review

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When a child begins to sit confidently and commences to crawl, parents think about getting him special walkers for toddlers to support their upright standing and walking.

Baby walker is an accessory, which consists of a base, wheels, a seat and a tray. The aim of this device is to support a child’s body in the position necessary for hone skills of walking in upright position. When being put in the device, the baby reaches the floor with his feet. A child starts pushing off the floor and move around the room feeling support under his feet.

There are many questions, which occur to the caring parents regarding this device. The first of them: Are baby walkers good for babies or not?

We will find out more information about walkers, their models and their proper usage to understand the pros and cons of this device.

Quick Picks – 5 Best Baby Walkers

  1. Chicco Walky Talky, – Best Functionality Baby Walker. Editor’s Choice
  2. Joovy Spoon, Greenie, – Reliability And High Quality Baby Walker
  3. Disney Music and Lights, – Multiple Designs For Different Babies Walkers
  4. Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery with Activity Tray, – Amusing And Sturdy Baby Walker
  5. Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walk, – Functional At A Reasonable Price Baby Walker
1Chicco Walky Talky Baby WalkerChicco Walky Talky
Editor’s Choice, best overall baby walker
31.7 x 26 x 2011Tunes and
colorful lights
2Joovy Spoon WalkerJoovy Spoon Walker
Best baby walker
for carpet
27.8 x 25.5 x 1812.33 height positions
3Disney Music and LightsDisney Music & Lights
Excellent budget baby walker
25 x 28.5 x 22.511.9Music and lights
4Safety 1st Dino Sounds 'n LightsSafety 1st Dino
Sounds & Lights

The best ratio of price and quality baby walker
24 x 28.1 x 22.511.02Sounds and Lights
5Bright Starts Roaming SafariBright Starts
Roaming Safari

Good cheap baby walker
34 x 28 x 2411.02Lights, music
and toys

Are baby walkers good for babies or not?

There are different opinions regarding the question whether to put a child in a walker or not. Even children’s health experts still have no agreement in this question. Some pediatricians vote for the walkers saying that it is good to stimulate the skills of walking with the help of additional devices.

However, other experts are sure that a child must learn to walk himself. The additional accessories slow down development.

Let us study information available and make the resume of the pros and the cons of this product.


  • One of the points of view is that if used correctly and for a limited time, the walkers may be extremely useful for the child development.
  • A mom will have some rest or will switch to the household issues while the baby is having fun safely in the walker. Children are aspirated to explore the world around. A kid will “travel” around the room, having fun and perceiving new information.
  • A toddler experiences a new “vertical” position and gets many new impressions. It affects positively a child’s intellectual and emotional growing up.
  • Modern devices are equipped with moving rings, balls, sound sensors, rattles, etc. These accessories and toys are favorable for fine motor skills and sensory development.
  • The diameter of the accessory exceeds the span of the infant hands. This will avoid reaching out to dangerous things or touching something that could potentially do harm to the young experimenter.


  • Opponents say about the negative consequences of the use of such devices for walking.
  • A toddler gets accustomed to moving with the help of the walker; as a result, the natural formation of motor skills slows down.
  • The creeping stage of a child’s age period is extremely important for the musculature strengthening and movements coordination improving. However, it drops out while using walkers. Excessive exploitation of walker leads to the increase of load on the body, which in its turn causes deformity of the spinal column and legs.
  • The vestibular apparatus is developing incorrectly, since the child does not learn to keep balance on its own.
  • As a result, there are problems with maintaining balance when walking without support.
  • Being safe in the walker, a toddler doubtfully will learn quickly and correctly how to fall, to group in flight, to protect important body parts and it can cause serious injuries afterwards.
  • There is evidence that enthusiasm for walkers provokes incorrect formation of the foot arch. Besides, it is possible that a kid will start walking on toes because of the wrong leg setting on the foot.
  • There is also a danger that toddlers will accelerate in walkers, despite the limiters, and will roll over when come across an obstacle (a threshold, a carpet or a doorpost). The whole accessory may get upside down and a toddler may fall out.

What age do kids start using a baby walker?

After studying all advantages and disadvantages, parents decide to use this device. The next thing is to decide at what age a toddler may start using this accessory.

Thought there is no common opinion from the pediatricians about this as well, the walker may be used only if a toddler:

  • can confidently sit without parental support;
  • is very active, cheerful, curios;
  • does not suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system and/or rickets;
  • has normal eyesight;
  • is very interested in the proposed accessory.

Keeping in mind the described above the answer to the question, “What time do toddlers start using a baby walker” will be – at the age of 6 – 8 months.

This is obvious that parents feel comfortable if a child is in a walker. A baby can be “neutralized” with this device and a mom can take a little rest or switch to the household issues.

Experts agree that the delay in walking skills allows the children’s organism to be prepared for vertical loads. The muscular and ligamentous apparatus will be so strong that walking will no longer pose any danger to the child. So spending less than an hour a day in a walker will not adversely affect a child’s health. Anyway, parents must make sure the safety of a child themselves.

When can I put a baby in a walker?

Most experts believe that this age should be above 9 months.

How do I choose a walker for my baby?

When purchasing the walker, you need to pay attention not only to the design, but also to the main features of the device:

  • Rigid wide case. The construction made of durable plastic or metal is preferable. Moreover, the frame should be wider than the seat. You should also choose a walker with a rubberized bumper. It reduces the impact energy in a collision.
  • Wheels diameter. The bigger the wheels, the better. A child may rotate and stay in one spot. Small wheels are not desirable in terms of safety, besides a kid will be uncomfortable to move.
  • Safe seat. The backrest of the seat must be rigid, supporting the children’s vertebral table. The chair itself must have a deep landing and must exclude the possibility for the baby to crawl from the device.
  • Adjustable height. This parameter is very important because height adjustment adapts the walker for a specific child. In this case, children’s legs will reach the surface with a full foot.
  • Ergonomic design. Flat folding makes the walker very convenient for taking along and storage.

In addition, to increase the safety of the walker it may be equipped with the function of protection against unexpected folding.

Important notice! Do not exceed the maximum load weight designated for the accessory. Restrictions of baby’s height and weight are usually 12 – 15 kg and 80 – 82 centimeters, which is indicated in the manual.

Baby Walkers short Reviews

Chicco Walky Talky, Spring Review

Best Functionality. Editor’s Choice

Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker, Spring
Chicco Walky Talky (Spring) Baby Walker

This modern device consists of the most progressive features for the walkers. It is highly adaptive, safe and entertaining for a child.

The distinctive features of the accessory are the following.

  • The rounded design and soft touch cover of the body protect the objects on the way of toddler in the walker.
  • Multifunctional 3D toy bar will entertain a child with the changeable toys.
  • Adaptive height will allow up to 3 possible positions for baby’s comfort and safety.
  • A padded seat is washable. It allows the device be always clean.
  • Braking system will help to avoid damages.

It is highly recommended for children though its price might be above average.


  • Rigid and durable construction.
  • Multiple functions.
  • Elegant design.
  • Adaptive and safe.


  • The price above average

Joovy Spoon, Greenie Review

Reliability And High Quality

Joovy Spoon Walker, Greenie
Joovy Spoon (Greenie) Walker

The average price of the accessory is $80. Generally, a classic baby walker with highly assessed reliability though has some distinctive features.


  • Compactness and lightweight. Due to its flat shape without package, this baby walker can be easily storied under the bad. Its weight is about 12 pounds.
  • Easy use and simplicity. It is not overloaded with details, toys and flashy colors.
  • A handy tray with the detachable cover. A tray is large which makes the unit safe for a child. An insert can be easily washed up or put in the dishwasher.
  • A seat pad is machine washable and very comfortable.
  • Height adjustment (in 2 positions) allow the baby walk comfortably on the floor.
  • The weight load is up to 30 pounds.
  • The walker moves smoothly on any floor surface (even on the thin-pile rugs and carpets).
  • Braking system is impressive. It does not allow the walker go down the stair by stopping the wheels. Anyway keeping an eye on the toddler is necessary.


  • The first noticeable drawback is that the walker does not have wheels locker.
  • The second one is that the walker is not intended for tall babies, a tall child will grow out of it very soon.

Below please check out the option for a taller baby (Safety 1st).

Disney Music and Lights Review

Multiple Designs For Different Babies

Disney Music Lights Walker
Disney Music and Lights (Pink)

This lovely walker is designed in pleasant pink colors specifically for girls. It comprises the set of stylish Disney entertainments and sounds. A toddler will be really be enthusiastic about exploring whereabouts in this walker.

  • The accessory has big size, is sturdy and reliable.
  • It has machine washable padded seat.
  • Reliable wheels provide smooth moving on tiles, wooden floor and other flat surfaces. However, the big drawback of the item is limited possibility to move on uneven surfaces.
  • The walker is affordable and may become a good choice for early exploring.


  • Excellent reliability.
  • Lovely Disney style design with multiple toys for kid’s skills development and entertainment.
  • Affordable price.


  • Uncomfortable on uneven surfaces and carpets

Safety 1st Dino Sounds Discovery Review

Amusing And Sturdy

Safety 1st Dino Sounds 'n Lights Discovery
Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery (with Activity Tray)

The price is around $50. A bright multiple functioned baby walker has classic design with some distinctive features.

  • The walker is equipped with the set of toys for developing motor skills and entertaining. It engages the baby to explore whereabouts with all these bells and whistles.
  • The storage of the walker while folded does not require much place and can be kept under the bed.
  • The walker has safety wheels and is equipped with special catches to protect from sliding down the stairs. The accessory can be used on various surfaces including hard floors and rugs.
  • It is adaptive to the height of the growing baby (3 positions). Please notice that that walker is intended for tall babies (unlike the Joovy described above). It is best for 10-months old ones or over and the height of the baby – 28″. The weight limit is 31-pound.
  • The battery supplied with the item seemed to be reliable and can work more than 2 months. However, unfortunately, there is no information about where it is hidden and how it can be replaced when needed.
  • The toys may be swiveled out. A snack tray, which is in the bottom, provides much space for feeding the child. The tray does not have detachable cover but it can be easily cleaned.
  • The seat can be removed and washed up.

There are two additional models of Safety 1st walker: the Safety 1st Ready Set Walk and the Safety 1st Disney Music and Lights baby walker. The first model is very similar to the described above including absence of replaceable battery. The second one comprises the function of replacing the battery and is in Disney styling and colors.

Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Review

Functional At A Reasonable Price

Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker
Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout

The price is around $45. This walker is worth mentioning due to its design and construction peculiarities.

  • It comprises of a toy station, which is removable. A steering wheel, toys, music, sounds, and lights are jungle and safari-themed. What is valuable for parents is that the volume of the sound is adjustable.
  • One should watch out the pointy leaves on the sides. May be they are safe but they look rather strange for Bright Starts.
  • As for assembling, it is not easy, but no one of the tested walkers        was easy to assemble. The only way to avoid this time-consuming procedure is to choose a pushing accessory (like Cossy, VTech or others walkers).
  • The seat of the walker was outstandingly good in the meaning of the baby’s safety. The height of the seat back is rather tall and is             good for toddler’s head and shoulders support.
  • As of other functions, it is rather similar to the model of Safety 1st BW. It has 3 different positions for adjusting height. It is recommended for the age of 6 to 12 months, weight 15-26 pounds. Our measures detected that the distance of the seat from the floor was about 6″ at the lowest position and 9″ at the highest position.
  • Unusual size restriction is for baby’s thighs due to narrow holes for legs.
  • Very thin fabric of the seat doubtfully is comfortable for a child.
  • Due to the tall back of the seat, it is impossible to store the folded walker under the bed.
  • The removal of the batteries is also time-consuming and painful procedure but it is good to have this option.         
  • In conclusion it worth saying that the price of this model is reasonable and the set of features quite big

What walker is better to use on different surfaces? Resume

best baby walker for carpet
Best baby walker for carpet

A toddler in a baby walker looks cute.

Yet some doctors are convinced that healthy babies do not need additional accessories for their support and walking. There is an opinion that a child will develop faster without walkers.

So this is an individual decision of the parents whether to use walkers or not, as well as how, when and from what age use it.

Top Pick For The Best Baby Waker

Chicco Walky Talky – Editor’s Choice

Chicco Walky Talky
Walky Talky Baby Walker

The walkers by Chicco brand designers, Walky Talky, are offered in different colors and styles.

They are aimed at training and improving baby’s movements and balance. A funny gaming panel consists of various toys. There is a convenient cup holder.

There is also a possibility to write the name of the owner on the backside of the walker.

A special brake system will protect it from the damage. This baby walker may be adjusted to the child’s height.

Its advantages:

  • bright colors
  • multiple functions
  • height adjusted
  • beautiful appearance
  • pleasant sounds of the music
  • easy usage and maintenance.

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